Github Installation

The AnyRPG Core package is available via github and the Unity Asset Store. This page describes how to install it from github.

Install the Correct Unity Version

The AnyRPG Unity package is exported as a complete project because it requires specific build settings, compiler settings, layers, and tags to function. Due to the way full projects are exported in Unity, they must be imported with the same Unity version they were exported with.

The correct Unity Version for the current github project is 2021.3.11f1 and can be downloaded from

Download the Project From Github

For example, you can clone the project into a directory on your computer if you have the git CLI installed using the command git clone

Open Unity Hub and Add the Project

Open Unity Hub and select the Projects tab. Click Open > Add Project From Disk.

Find the project folder and choose Add Project.

Open The Project

The project should now be visible in Unity Hub. Click on it to open it.

When presented with the option, choose Ignore. This is necessary because AnyRPG relies on UMA and it's not included in the github project.

Once the project opens, you will see errors in the console. These will be fixed in the next step by installing UMA.

Install UMA 2

Install UMA 2 from the Unity Asset Store at

If you don't already own UMA, click Add to My Assets.

Click Open in Unity.

The Unity Package Manager should open in Unity. If you have not downloaded the package yet, click Download. Then Click Import.

When presented with the option, accept the defaults and click Import.

After the UMA package is imported, click Clear in the Console pane to clear any old warnings.

You should no longer see any errors.

Finally, rebuild the UMA Global Library. Choose from the main menu bar UMA > Global Library.

In the Global Library window, choose File > Rebuild From Project.

Install TMP Essental Resources

Open the Window menu in Unity and choose TextMeshPro > Import TMP Essential Resources.

When presented with the option, accept the defaults and click Import.

Next Steps

Congratulations, AnyRPG is now ready to use!

From here you can explore the included sample games or get started creating your own game.

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