AOE Effect

An aoe effect is a type of intermediate effect that is responsible for choosing multiple valid targets and casting any additional ability effects on them.


To create an aoe effect, find (or create) the GameName/Resources/GameName/AbilityEffect folder (or any subfolder) in the project tab and right click. Choose Create > AnyRPG > Abilities > Effects > AOEEffect.


In addition to all the properties of its parent class, Fixed Length Effect, aoe effects have a single property, AOE Properties, with the following fields.


Aoe Radius

The radius from the center of the target location which will be used to find valid targets.

Use Radius

If true, the target finding algorithm will use a sphere with a radius to find targets.

Use Extents

If true, the target finding algorithm will use extents to find targets.

Aoe Center

A Vector3 offset from the default center to use for finding targets.

Aoe Extents

If Use Extents is true, then these extents will be used to create the bounding box to find valid targets within it.

Max Targets

The maximum number of valid targets that can be returned. 0 is unlimited.

Prefer Closest Targets

If true, and Max Targets is not unlimited, the targets will be sorted by distance from the center, and the closest ones will be returned.

Inter Target Delay

Set this value to a positive non-zero number if you want a delay between the time each target has additional effects cast on them.

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