Factions allow for groups of characters to have the same relationship disposition toward other groups of characters.


To create a faction, find (or create) the GameName/Resources/GameName/Faction folder in the project tab and right click. Choose Create > AnyRPG > Factions > Faction.


New Game Option
If true, this faction can be chosen as the faction the player will be part of when starting a new game.
Default Starting Zone
The zone (Scene) that new players will start in if this faction is chosen when starting a new game.
Default Starting Location Tag
If not empty, players starting as this faction will spawn at the transform with this tag.
Hide Default Profiles
If true, hide any default unit profiles when this faction is used.
Character Creator Profile Names
A list of Unit Profiles that the player can choose from when starting as this faction.
Equipment Names
A list of Equipment that will be worn by a new player when starting the game as this faction.
Default Disposition
The disposition (relationship) that this faction has toward any faction not specifically in its disposition list.
Disposition List
A list of factions and the dispositions that this faction will have toward them. Faction Name The name of a faction Disposition The disposition (relationship) that this faction will have toward them.
A list of Capabilities that any character that is part of this faction will have.
Class Capability List
A list of character classes, and the capabilities that those classes will have. Character Classes A list of Character Classes. Capabilities The specific Capabilities that any Character Class in the Character Classes list will have.

Next Steps

  • Configure the System Configuration Manager to allow choosing a faction when starting a new game.
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