Items are objects that can be placed in the character inventory.


To create an item, find (or create) the GameName/Resources/GameName/Item folder in the project tab and right click. Choose Create > AnyRPG > Inventory > Item.



Stack Size

The number of this type of item that can fit in a single inventory slot.

Item Quality

The quality of the item. See Item Quality.

Random Item Quality

If true, this item will be assigned a random item quality when purchased, crafted, or looted.

Dynamic Level

If true, This item will scale in level so that it is the same level as the character.

Freeze Drop Level

If true, and the item also has dynamic level set to true, the item level will be frozen at whatever level it was when purchased, crafted, or looted.

Level Cap

For dynamic level items, the maximum level it can scale up to. 0 means no limit.

Item Level

If the item is not dynamic level, then it will be fixed at this level.

Use Level

The level that the character has to be to use this item. This field does not apply to items that have no direct use, such as crafting ingredients.

Currency Name

The currency that is required to purchase the item. See Currency.

Dynamic Currency Amount

If true, the purchase and sale price will scale with level.

Price Per Level

If dynamic currency amount is true, this is the amount per level this item will cost.

Base Price

The base item price. If dynamic currency amount is true, this price is added to the dynamic price.

Unique Item

If true, the character cannot have more than one of these items in their inventory or bank.

Character Class Requirement List

If this list is not empty, the character must be one of the listed character classes to use or equip this item, and for the item to be dropped if the loot table is configured to match this restriction. See Character Class.

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