Unity Package Installation

The full AnyRPG Engine Unity package is a free download that contains extra assets and a more complex sample game than the one included in AnyRPG Core (available on github and the Unity Asset Store).

Download AnyRPG

Download the AnyRPG Unity package from https://www.anyrpg.org/downloads/.

Install the Correct Unity Version

The AnyRPG Unity package is exported as a complete project because it requires specific build settings, compiler settings, layers, and tags to function. Due to the way full projects are exported in Unity, they must be imported with the same Unity version they were exported with.

Create a New Unity 3D Project

Open Unity Hub and select the Projects tab. Click New project.

If you have multiple versions of Unity installed, you will need to select the correct editor version. Choose 3D (URP/HDRP are not available yet), optionally name your project, and click the Create project button.

Install the AnyRPG Unity Package

A warning window will pop up letting you know this package will overwrite all project settings. Click Import.

When the Import Unity Package window appears, click Import.

The AnyRPG Unity package contains thousands of textures, icons, 3d models, and audio files. You can expect the import to take around 10 minutes, even on a reasonably fast computer.

When the installation completes, your project should have the following folder structure.

You can safely ignore any warning messages in the console. There should be no error messages. If there are error messages, check to ensure you created the project with the correct version of Unity.

Next Steps

From here you can explore the included sample games or get started creating your own game.

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