Music Player Config

A music player config creates a music player interactable option, allowing the player to open a window with a list of audio clips and play them.


To create a music player config, find (or create) the GameName/Resources/GameName/InteractableOptionConfig folder in the project tab and right click. Choose Create > AnyRPG > Interactable > MusicPlayerConfig.



Audio Type

The type of sound to play. This affects which audio source will be used. Music The sound will be played through the background music audio source. Ambient The sound will be played through the ambient sounds audio source. Effect The sound will be played through the sound effects audio source.

Audio Profile Names

A list of the names of Audio Profiles that contain lists of audio clips that can be played.

Next Steps

  • Add a music player config to an Interactable to allow opening the music player window.

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