Loot Table

A loot table is a list of items that can drop from any lootable source such as characters, item pickups, and gathering nodes.


To create a loot table, find (or create) the GameName/Resources/GameName/LootTable folder in the project tab and right click. Choose Create > AnyRPG > LootTable.



Ignore Global Drop Limit

Any lootable source can have a global limit on the number of items dropped, no matter how many loot tables it has. If this option is true, that limit will be ignored, and the drop limit from this loot table will be used instead when rolling loot from this table.

Drop Limit

If Ignore Global Drop Limit is true, this number will be the limit of the number of Items dropped from this table.

Loot Groups

A list of Loot Groups that shares drop chance and limit settings.

Loot Groups


Guaranteed Drop

If true, the number of Items defined in the Drop Limit field for this group will be guaranteed to drop, using their Drop Chance as weights.

Group Chance

The chance this group will attempt to drop Items.

Drop Limit

The amount of Items that can drop from this list. 0 is unlimited.

Unique Limit

The limit to the number of times the same Item can drop. 0 is unlimited.

Ignore Global Drop Limit

If true, the Items on this list will ignore any parent drop limits.


A list of Items that can drop.



Item Name

The name of an Item that can drop.

Drop Chance

The percentage chance that this Item can drop.

Min Drops

The minimum number of this Item that will drop.

Max Drops

The maximum number of this Item that will drop.

Match Item Restrictions

If true, Character Class restrictions on the item must match for it to drop. This is useful to prevent items from dropping that do no match the player's current class.

Prerequisite Conditions

A list of Prerequisite Conditions that must be met for this item to drop.

Next Steps

  • Add a loot table to a Unit Profile.

  • Add a loot table to Gathering Node.

  • Add a loot table to an Item Pickup.

  • Add a loot table to a Scene Node.

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