A bag is a type of item that can expand a player's inventory space or bank space when equipped.


To create a bag, find (or create) the GameName/Resources/GameName/Item folder (or any subfolder) in the project tab and right click. Choose Create > AnyRPG > Inventory > Items > Bag.


In addition to the properties shared by all Items, bags have the following unique properties.



The number of spaces the inventory (or bank) will be expanded by when this bag is equipped.

Next Steps

  • Configure the Default Backpack Item field in the System Configuration Manager of a game to make this bag the default backpack for a new player.

  • Add a bag to a Vendor Collection so it can be purchased from a Vendor.

  • Add a bag to a Loot Table so that it can drop upon defeat of an enemy.

  • Add a bag as an output of a Recipe so it can be crafted.

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