Unit Spawn Node

A Unit Spawn Node is responsible for spawning character units in a scene.


Unit Profile Names
Unit Profiles of characters that will be spawned.
Dynamic Level
If true, the spawned characters will be the same level as the player, instead of the default level set in the Unit Level field.
Unit Level
The level the characters will be set to, if Dynamic Level is false.
Extra Levels
If Dynamic Level is true, the characters will have this many more levels than the player. This is used to guarantee some characters are always tougher than the player.
Default Toughness
The Toughness the spawned characters will be.
Spawn Timer
Spawn time for regular mob spawns, such as when Prerequisites are updated, or the spawner supports multiple units and they should not all spawn at once.
Spawn Delay
An additional delay to add to the timer. meant to allow an offset for multiple spawners of the same type.
Despawn Delay
An extra delay from the time the Destroy GameObject call is made before it is actually destroyed.
Respawn Timer
A separate spawn timer for when mob despawns are detected to give players longer to move away being a mob attacks them again. -1 disables respawning of despawned units.
Respawn On
An enumeration of options that controls when respawns will happen. Despawn Respawns will happen when a character despawns. Loot Respawns will happen as soon as a character is looted. Death Respawns will happen immediately upon a character dying.
Max Units
The maximum number of simultaneous units that can be spawned. If this number is reached, additional spawns will be preented until the number of active characters falls below this number. Set to -1 to do infinite spawns.
Suppress Auto Spawn
Set to true to allow for Unit Spawn Control Panels to use this node.
Trigger Based
If true, ignore spawn timers and use trigger instead.
Trigger Limit
The number of times this object can be triggered. 0 is unlimited.
Spawn Density
In area mode, the number of mobs per square meter to spawn.
Point Based
If true, units will spawn at the pivot of the Unit Spawn Node.
Force Despawn Units
If true, and there are units spawned, and the Prerequisite Conditions are no longer met, despawn them.
Prerequisite Conditions
Prerequisite Conditions that must be met for units to spawn.


  • If Trigger Based is set to true, then a Collider marked as a trigger is required on the same GameObject in order to detect when players enter the area.