Moveable Object

An Moveable Object Interactable Option moves and/or rotates an object between its initial position in the scene and a defined position.



Switch Only

If true, this option can only be interacted with via a switch.

Moveable Object

A link to the prefab which will be moved and/or rotated.

Movement Speed

The speed, in meters per second, the object will move at.

Rotation Speed

The speed, in degrees per second, the object will rotate at.

Delay Time

The amount of seconds to delay inbetween open and close actions when looping.


If true, the object should continue moving and rotating between the start and end positions until the Interactable Option is interacted with again.

Target Position

The Vector3 target position to move to.

Target Rotation

The Vector3 target rotation to rotate to.

Open Audio Clip

A link to an Audio Clip to play when changing to the open (starting) position.

Close Audio Clip

A link to an Audio Clip to play when changing to the closed (ending) position.


  • An Interactable Monobehavior must be on the same GameObject.

  • An Moveable Object moves a prefab, so a prefab that is intended to be moved must be present in the scene. This can be any prefab and does not have to be in the same heirarchy as the Moveable Object Monobehaviour.

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