A recipe is a list of inputs (ingredients) and outputs (finished products) that will be produced when crafting items.


To create a recipe, find (or create) the GameName/Resources/GameName/Recipe folder in the project tab and right click. Choose Create > AnyRPG > Recipes > Recipe.



Auto Learn

If true, this recipe is automatically learned at the appropriate level, defined in the Required Level field.

Required Level

The level the character must have reached to learn this recipe.

Crafting Materials

A list of Items required for the recipe. Item Name The name of an Item that will be used up when crafting this recipe. Count The number of Items that are required.

Item Output Name

The name of the new Item that will be created upon completing crafting.

Output Count

The number of new Items that will be created upon completing crafting.

Craft Ability Name

The name of a Craft Ability that must be known to craft this recipe.

Holdable Object List

A list of PrefabProfiles that contain links to GameObjects that will be held while the Item is being crafted. Holdable Object Name The name of a PrefabProfile that contains a link to a GameObject. Use Universal Attachment If true, attachment points from the PrefabProfile will be ignored, and the universal attachment in the Attachment Name field will be used. Attachment Name The Node Name field from one of the Attachment Point Nodes in an Attachment Profile.

Next Steps

  • Create Items to be used as inputs or outputs to crafting recipes.

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