Item Quality

An item quality can be assigned to an item, allowing that item to share similar settings with other items of the same quality like stat multipliers, icon background colors, and more.


To create an item quality, find (or create) the GameName/Resources/GameName/ItemQuality folder in the project tab and right click. Choose Create > AnyRPG > ItemQuality.


Stat Multiplier
When an Item does not have manual stats enabled, multiply the base automatic stats by this amount.
Allow Random Items
If true, random Items of this quality can be created.
Random Weight
When a random item quality is chosen, all weights are added up before a number if chosen. This controls the chance an Item of this quality will be created. A larger number in relation to other numbers of other item qualities will give a higher chance.
Random Quality Prefix
If not empty, and an Item of this quality is created randomly, this prefix will be added to the Item name.
Random Stat Count
If an Item of this quality is created with random stats, this is the number of random stats that will be chosen.
Dynamic Item Level
If true, any Item of this quality will automatically scale their level, regardless of whether they individually have level scaling enabled.
Buy Price Multiplier
Multiply the base purchase price of any Item of this quality by this amount.
Sell Price Multiplier
Multiply the base vendor sell price of any Item with this quality by this amount.
Require Sell Confirmation
If true, a popup window will appear asking the player to confirm any time they try to sell an Item with this quality.
Quality Color
The color that will be used for text and image backgrounds whenever an Item of this quality is displayed in the UI.
Tint Background Image
If true, the background image if an Item displayed in the UI will have its color set to this color, instead of black.

Next Steps

  • Assign this item quality to an Item.