Animation Profile Wizard

The Animation Profile Wizard will create an animation profile from a list of animations and optionally add the required events to attack animations.

Accessing The Wizard

The Animation Profile Wizard requires that one of your game scenes with either a GameManager or SceneConfig object is open in the editor so that it can determine which game to install the content into.

The Animation Profile Wizard can be opened by clicking Tools in the menu bar, and selecting AnyRPG > Wizard > Animation Profile Wizard.



Game Name

The name of the game. This will show on the main menu screen.The name of the game in your Unity project to install the template content in. This will be automatically filled in if you have any scene with the GameManager or SceneConfig prefabs open.

Profile Name

The name of the animation profile. This is the name that will be called from abilities, weapons, unit prefab properties, etc.

Assign Priority

Determines whether clips added to the Assign Clips property will be assigned as out of combat or in combat animations.

Assign Clips

Drag a list of animation clips into this list. The wizard will attempt to assign them to the correct animations in the Animations property based on their names.

Add Hit Events

If true, any clips in the Attack Clips list in the Animations property that do not have a Hit() event will have one added.


Lists of animations. See Animation Profile for a description of animation profile properties.


See Animation Profile Configuration.

Content Created

After assigning the appropriate animations, click Create.

Scriptable Objects

Animation Profile

An Animation Profile can be found at the Resources/GameName/AnimationProfile folder.

Next Steps

See Animation Profile Next Steps.

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