A cutscene is a convenient way of displaying important events by moving the camera to predefined points, showing subtitles, and optionally triggering a timeline to make objects perform actions.


To create a cutscene, find (or create) the GameName/Resources/GameName/Cutscene folder in the project tab and right click. Choose Create > AnyRPG > Cutscene.




If true, this cutscene can be played more than once.

Require Player Unit Spawn

If true, the player unit must be spawned in the world for this cutscene to play.

Use Default Faction Colors

If true, player faction will be ignored, and default faction relationship colors will be used for health bars.

Timeline Name

The name of a Unity Timeline to trigger when this cutscene is played.

Load Scene Name

The name of a scene to load to play this cutscene.

Unload Scene On End

If true, the scene that was active before the cutscene played will be loaded when the cutscene ends.

Auto Advance Subtitles

If true, the subtitles will be played automatically. If false, the timeline will control the subtitles.

Subtitle Properties

Subtitle Properties


Audio Profile Name

The name of an audio profile to play when the cutscene is started.

Subtitle Nodes

A list of subtitle text and times. Start Time The time, in seconds after the start of the cutscene, to show the text. Show Time The time, in seconds, that the text should be active after being shown. Description The text to be shown.

Next Steps

  • Configure a Scene Node to automatically play a cutscene when the scene loads.

  • Configure a Cutscene Interactable option to play a cutscene when interacted with.

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