Action Effect Item

Action effect items perform an animated action and cast an ability effect when used. They are commonly used as flasks and scrolls.


To create an action effect item, find (or create) the GameName/Resources/GameName/Item folder in the project tab and right click. Choose Create > AnyRPG > Inventory > Items > Action Effect Item.


Action effect Items are a type of item. See Items for their base properties.


Tool Tip

This text will appear in the tooltip "Use:" section and describes what the item does when used.

Cool Down

The time in seconds that must pass after using this item before another item of the same type can be used again.

Action Type

None This item will not cause the character to perform any action when used. Inline The action properties will be defined directly. Named The action properties defined by the named Animated Action will be performed by the character.

Action Name

The name of an Animated Action the character will perform when the item is used.

Action Properties

Animated Action properties defined directly on this item that the character will perform when the item is used.

Use Inline Effect

If true, the effect properties defined in the Inline Effect field will be cast.

Effect Name

If Inline Effect is false the Ability Effect with this name will be cast.

Inline Effect

Ability Effect properties to cast when the item is used if Use Inline Effect is true.

Next Steps

  • Add an action effect item to a Vendor Collection so it can be purchased from a Vendor.

  • Add an action effect item to a Loot Table so that it can drop upon defeat of an enemy.

  • Add an action effect item as an output to a Recipe so that it can be crafted.

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